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About Us

Oilymob is a performance based Mobile advertising agency. We specialize in app monetization and user acquisition. Founded in 2014 by a team of experts in the online and mobile advertising industry. OILYMOB is rapidly growing to become one of the top Mobile CPI agency. Our dedicated team of experts help both advertisers and publishers maximize their revenues and achieve the best results. It is a trusted name in android industries since last four years. We are one of the worlds largest company who provied promotion for android and itune applications with multi type of services like Usa high retention Installs , Installs by keyword search, GEO Target etc. Advertisers can run the campaigns on CPI, CPA, CPM, OR CPC Basis. We allows you to advertise your Applications with millions of active users. Promote your business applications quickly. We are always known for our best results and the best facilities. Availalble 24x7 Live support by dedicated account manager. He We will keep suggesting to you the best way for your mobile application.

Easy Self Service

Self Manage Dashboard: Singup - Add fund- Create campaign - Go into Live Mode - Connect with advertiserss & publishers in few minutes, Track live & download report file. Best white label solutions for resellers.

FREE Manage Service

If you want to run large volume campaigns then will provide a Free Dedicated Account manager. He will manage your all campaigns in better way and will achive target within lowest bid. System work on bid basis so contact with your Account Manager.

Fraud Detection System

Oilymob has a very strong process or system which detects tag fraudulent activities, invalid clicks & Impressions or use of bots. Even Team keep a ataxic watch & manual investigation to avoide any fraud. If we detect suspicious activities, clicking patterns or use of bots will get block immediate.

Tracking Partners

We accept all type of links weather its direct android or ios app store link, affalite or any thirdparty tracking. Our Major Thirdparty Tracking partners are Appsflyer - Adjust - flurry - kochava - Tune - Apsalar - Ad tracking etc.


We are one of the worlds largest company who Provide promotion as High impression in CPI for android & Ios applications! No sdk required for tracking. Buy app downloads or Buy app reviews, multi features for ios and android applications from single dashboard.

Easy Campaign Creation

Sign up - Add fund - Creating and running your campaign can take less than 5 minutes - track live & download reports file.

Self-Service Platform

Simple and easy to Connect your advertising campaign with our publishers. Go into Live Mode in just a few short minutes!

Large Volume Traffics

Available large volume traffics for android and ios applications weather its world wide or geo target campaigns.

Fraud Detection System

We have strong fraud detection system and we do count invalid installs.

High Retention Installs

Push your app to rank #1 ranking within short time by any desired keywords & beat your compitators.

Rewarded Offer Walls

Acquire users from our innovative advertising platform and expect high conversion rates.

Multi Ad Formats

Campaigns will run on multi ads formats such as Offerwall - Video - Banner- Interstitial- Rewarded Video

Real Time Statistics

Weather use direct app link - affalite or any third party tracking track live in real time.

Free Managed Service

FREE dedicated Account manager for you to manage your all large volume campaigns for multi apps will bring great performance in low cost.

Free 24/7 Live Support

Our customer support team is ready to assist you with any question or problem through Live skype massanger and Email ticket Support

Satisfied Advertisers & Publishers

Read Reviews & ratings What's The People Are Saying About Us

“Great Mobile network to boost quick rankings & Generate revenu by publishers. ”

- Krin Fox

“Oilymob.com is One of the Best Adnetwork & advertising platform to promote your Business.”

- Theodore Willis

“Keep It Up Guys Your Work Rules, Best supportive team, Cheers :)”

- Ricky Grant

Reach the TOP With 4 Easy Steps

Quick ad setup for Android and ios - Incentive & None-Incentive App Install campaigns.

Register Account on Oilymob

Add Funds to your Account

Create your 1st Campaign

Review and Submit

Track Statistics Live

White lable Reports

Multi channel Analysis

Enjoy multi services from single platform

Quick guide for a wide range app marketing campaigns!

Buy Android App Installs - Get ios App Downloads

Buy iTune - Apple - Google Play - App Store Reviews

Choose your native platform and get started!


For more info and support, contact us!

Regd. No.UDYAM-RJ-21-0005210



+91 87666 28829

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