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Article provided by: arbapro.com

Cafeteria Point Of Sale System

Get more for less with the ARBA Pro cafeteria point of sale system. The way customers order and pay has changed, and your cafeteria is losing money if you're not prepared to accommodate those changes. ARBA Pro brings business into the 21st century and into the future, as we are the industry leaders in retail POS systems.

Your cafeteria point of sale system can be adapted to suit each need of your business. When people think of a point of sale system, they think of checkout. However, few people know of the transformative powers the right POS system and the right POS company can have on your establishment.
Not only is cash dirty and loaded with germs (therefore unsanitary in a cafeteria), it's annoying and time-consuming. You have to run money to the safe, break big bills, check for counterfeit bills, change the drawer throughout the day, and so forth. Of course, you'll still accept cash, because money is money. The ARBA Pro cafeteria point of sale system all but eliminates the need for cash or meal tickets.

How to Identify a Good POS System

A good cafeteria point of sale system allows employers to create accounts for employees with prepaid balances or payroll deductions. A good POS system will enable employers to split bills, process payments in seconds, generate reports with the click of a button, view and manage data, and so much more, from one convenient location. If your POS system isn't giving you all the perks and advantages of an ARBA Pro cafeteria point of sale system, make the upgrade now!

Some less techy people may be overwhelmed with the use of all this technology. Some, especially older ones, may prefer the old trusty paper and pen over the computers. If that's the case, or if you have employees you worry may not be able to use an advanced POS system, fear not! Our software and hardware is easy to use, simple to understand, and highly teachable. In fact, our staff will take however much time is needed to train you thoroughly, and we'll be here to answer any questions you have at any time post-purchase.

In hospitals and schools, the ARBA Pro cafeteria point of sale system blends beautifully with your business model, accepting all forms of payment and making your job easier. Track every transaction, set limits for sales, promotions, and special offers, track customer purchasing behavior, modify marketing products/services tactics based on customer preferences, send files to other departments and stations, export to an Excel spreadsheet, and do so much more with ARBA Pro cafeteria POS systems.

Choose the ARBA Pro Cafeteria Point of Sale System

ARBA Pro has been leading the way in POS solutions since the early 1980s. Our products and services are cut from another cloth altogether. We employ only the best, most experienced and highly trained professionals to work with us because we expect nothing but the best for our clients. In addition to our products and services, ARBA Pro's customer service before purchase, during purchase, and after purchase is second-to-none. Contact us today, and let us know about your cafeteria. We'll listen, and we'll offer our insights. Try us out. If you're not completely satisfied with ARBA Pro, we'll gladly give you a full refund. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our cafeteria point of sale system will help you make those gains.

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Cafeteria Point Of Sale System Cafeteria Point Of Sale System Cafeteria Point Of Sale System