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Article provided by: Sparkrock

Integrated Payroll Time Sheets

Integrated Payroll Time Sheets

Get the Best Integrated Payroll Time Sheets

In human resources management, one of the most challenging activities is the control of employee attendance and worked hours. This task is particularly tricky in organizations that pay employees by the hour, such as schools.

However, today it is possible to facilitate the work of your HR department, thanks to the Integrated payroll and time tracking solutions. Among the options available in the market, Sparkrock's integrated payroll time sheets are the best for educational institutes, and non-profit organizations. It is essential that you know the characteristics of our system, so you can understand why we offer the best time and attendance software.

What Are the Features of Sparkrock's Attendance System?

Thanks to our HR management module, you will be able to manage the attendance of your employees automatically. The system will allow you to reduce errors in terms of calculating hours worked, and presence, information that is vital when calculating fees and preparing the payroll. Besides, by implementing Sparkrock's ERP, you will be able to share employee attendance data with other departments in the organization, such as general management or finance.

The time and attendance system we offer is one of the most modern and innovative on the market. It is developed in Microsoft Azure, with an impeccable architecture, which allows easy and intuitive operation. The user interface is friendly, and HR employees usually adapt quickly to its use, since it is similar to Microsoft programs such as Outlook or Excel.

The use of Microsoft Common Data Services to manage time and attendance data allows for supreme information management. The platform is secure, and the data is readily available, for top-of-the-line attendance management. Because our solution is cloud-based, you or your HR staff can access information from any location or device through Microsoft Cloud servers.

This time & attendance system has all the essential security protocols for the protection of your information. You can parameterize access levels and permissions so that each employee can access specific information according to their role. The data stored online will be encrypted to keep it safe. Finally, unlike other solutions, our system is automatically updated. So you can manage your HR with the peace of mind that you are using the most up-to-date version of your ERP.

Benefits of Our Top Time & Attendance Solution

Your organization will gain in efficiency, since access control, attendance, and hours worked will be automated. Besides, you will be able to save costs, since you will not require personnel or manual processes to control the appearance of personnel, nor the number of hours worked.

The system will also provide you with essential information at a strategic level. With accurate data on staff behavior, you will be able to measure the performance of each area of your organization. You will be able to detect those points of improvement, and where staff problems threaten productivity. Finally, with this automated system, you will prepare the payroll in no time, relieving the repetitive work of the HR department. That time can be used to attend other essential activities for the organization.

Trust the Best

If you want to have the best employee time tracking app to gain efficiency in your operations, you are in the ideal place. Let Sparkrock's solutions make your life easier with high-tech, integrated and efficient systems. Contact us to learn more about our products. We will be happy to assist you.

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Integrated Payroll Time Sheets
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Integrated Payroll Time Sheets Integrated Payroll Time Sheets Integrated Payroll Time Sheets